curtis fisher.


I'm not an expert on everything shared in this digital garden. This page differentiates resourced-backed experiences from conjecture.

  • Chief Goodness Officer (CEO) @ Impact-first Investments

    June 2023 - Present

    Charged with ensuring our impact-first mission is realized through our consistuent businesses.

    • 💪 Execute social mission, and ensure constituent businesses do the same.
    • 💪 Foster a love-based culture well-aligned with our business purpose.
    • 💪 Oversee the management of our business portfolio, ensuring impact and profit goals are being met.
  • President @ TAMID - Northeastern Chapter

    Dec 2021 - June 2023

    Responsible for overseeing the executive board and developing future leadership.

    • 💪 Strategize long-term vision for the organization.
    • 💪 Train and develop executive leadership to continue the success of the organization.
    • 💪 Host monthly organization meetings for 100+ attendees.
    • 💪 Lead an executive board of 14 members to ensure executive alignment and execution across committees.
    • 💪 Execute on strategic campaigns and inspire human resource capacity to do so.
    • 💪 Lead by example and without depending on formal authority.
  • VP of Marketing @ TAMID - Northeastern Chapter

    May 2021 - Dec 2021

    Responsible for internal and external brand communications.

    • 💪 Develop marketing strategy for internal and external efforts.
    • 💪 Lead a committee of seven to execute marketing strategy.
    • 💪 Delegate deliverables to appropriate committee members.
    • 💪 Create meaningful opportunities for engagement and ownership to keep committee members excited about work.
  • Founder & Real Estate Treasure Hunter @ GrowthSuite

    Oct 2019 - Present

    Empowering brokerages with the tools that they need to seize their treasures. I've worked with countless agents & brokers to define clear growth objectives, identify key areas for improvement, and implement the solutions required to surpass their goals.

    • 💪 Generated over 1.2 million leads across clients.
    • 💪 Cultivated more than $225 million in real estate sales & rentals.
    • 💪 Executed a content marketing campaign that generated FREE press in Boston Globe, CBS Boston, Yankee Magazine, and Boston Magazine and resulted in a luxury property sale far above asking price.
    • 💪 Manage the logistics of running a successful marketing business, including prospecting for qualified clients, managing contract workers, negotiating prices, and building stable recurring cash flows.
    • 💪 Build lead generation channels to attract and convert high-value prospects. Average conversion rates of 8% with numerous clients approaching 12% conversion rates.
    • 💪 Supervise project resources for on-time, within-budget, and above-expectations deliverables.
    • 💪 Network with 100+ marketing industry leaders to share insights and develop new methodologies for serving our clients.
  • Founder @ TheBrackateers

    Sep 2020 - Sep 2022

    Capture stunning photographs, videos, and aerial shots of New England's most premier properties and vacation rentals. We craft captivating property narratives through visual storytelling.

    • 💪 Plan, shoot, and create compelling real estate promotional stories that increase sales.
    • 💪 Work with media contacts to generate national press and attract public attention.
    • 💪 Continued work is featured in Boston Globe, CBS Boston, Yankee Magazine,,, and Boston Magazine to name a few.
  • Founder @ Vineyard Consulting

    Jul 2018 - Oct 2019

    Digital growth consulting services targeted towards SMBs looking to take their digital presence to the next level. Provided product leadership expertise for web application development in the medical space.

    • 💪 Defined timelines, budgets, KPIs, deliverables, and milestones; allocated resources efficiently and effectively.
    • 💪 Provisioned HIPAA-compliant microservices architecture and leveraged Docker containerization & Kubernetes container orchestration for high availability, streamlined production deployment, and monitoring.
    • 💪 Produced governance, security, and quality compliance documentation to provide the necessary process structure required to operate in a highly regulated environment.
    • 💪 Negotiated BAA contracts to ensure HIPAA compliance among vendors.
  • Environmental Engineer @ The Great Pond Foundation

    Jun 2019 - Sep 2019

    Collaborated with the Great Pond Foundation team to tackle the implementation of a robust water quality management system which aides in the collection and analysis of comprehensive water quality data.

  • Hardware Software Engineer @ HereLab

    Sep 2015 - Oct 2017

    Led the production of firmware which interfaces with a novel transmission technology called LoRaWAN to capture & transmit robust sensor data.

    • 💪 Collaborated with community partners to orient project development towards the greatest impact.
    • 💪 Fostered relationships between community partners, funding sources, and hardware/software providers.
    • 💪 Achieved ~65% reduction in microchip power consumption.
    • 💪 Architected a mesh network of LoraWAN, Cellular, Bluetooth and WiFi deployments.
    • 💪 Fabricated hardware enclosures to protect sensitive equipment from saline environments.
    • 💪 Designed web-based analytics dashboards for data aggregation, processing, and regression analysis of real-time sensor data.