curtis fisher.

listen to your unconscious mind

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If you want to understand what's going on inside you, look at what's going on around you. The spaces we choose to inhabit communicate our inside world.

My bedroom is my most sacred space. It represent my mind manifest external.

When there are clothes scattered around the floor, I see undressed thoughts scattered around my brain. When I haven't cleaned my bedsheets in a few weeks, it's a reminder that it's been far too long since I've reflected. When my plants are withering, I notice my internal withering.

On the surface, these are small things. What I've come to deeply intuit is that an unkept room is the manifestation of an unkept psyche.

This is why I love my bedroom. Organizing my clothes feels like organizing my thoughts. Cleaning my bedsheets is like cleaning my mind of weeks of unprocessed artifacts. A new painting on a once empty wall represents an itch scratched in an neglected corner of my brain. Watering my plants is watering my soul.

Learn to read the room

Take a moment now, wherever you are, to consider your environment. What do you notice about it? Is it clean, messy, fun, shiny, blue, jolly, sticky? What are you wearing, how are you sitting, are you near a window, the door, in the middle of the room? Write all of your observations down.

Seriously, stop reading this article, look around, and take some notes.

Once you've written a few observations down, take those observations and look inward. Our perceptions are a projection of our own thoughts and what matters to us.

Is your desk super messy? Perhaps cluttered ideas scurry about your brain. Are your plants drooping from lack of watering? Perhaps you haven't taken time to tend to your own needs recently.

Things are neither good nor bad, they are simply how we perceive them. What do you perceive around you? What do your perceptions say about you?