curtis fisher.

Balancing Inner Peace with Ambition

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At the moment, I'm working on finding the balance between inner peace and the desire for life improvements.

If you're ambitious, it signals that you're not content with what you currently have. If you're content with what you currently have, then why search for more/different?

It seems mutually exclusive to both be happy with what you have, yet want to change it.

From what I gather so far, they aren't mutually exclusive. Finding the balance isn't easy, and as I work on it, I hope to revisit this article and add more to help others in that journey.

More so, I wanted to get in the habit of releasing my thoughts even if they aren't complete. There's a lot of drafts sitting in my article folder at the moment as I contemplate how to turn them into nicely worded and appealing articles. As a result, I find the drafts accumulating while the actual articles remaining relatively the same. This article is a promise to honor my original commitment of communicating my most raw thoughts through this website.