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Spin the wheel on life

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For the past few weeks I've been stuck.

My Thai visa is expiring and I'm not sure whether to renew it or go somewhere else. I really like it here, but also feel like there's something out there waiting to be found.

When my mind and heart aren't on speaking terms I feel lost. To try to figure out plans, I put together a few brainstorming activities, like I would for a client.

Brainstorming exercise Mind map exercise

These yielded plenty of awesome ideas, but at the end of my self-workshop, I felt as lost as when I started.

Out of the blue, I received a text from a friend, Jonathan. Jonathan is the "fuck-it, let's do it" kind of friend who you can probably find lurking in some esoteric corners of the internet.

We traveled through Thailand last summer together and had a blast. He's also the first person I tried mushrooms with.

Jonathan is great, more complex than I can capture, and also really unusual, in the best kind of way.

After a few texts back and fourth I shared with Jonathan that I didn't really have a plan for the next five months of my life. Here's why in case you're curious.

I had been using my brain so much that it felt like there wasn't any amount of thinking that would show me the next step. Jonathan offered a much simpler solution.

Jonathan asking me to spin the wheel

Thanks Jonathan. And I mean that.

Why am I thinking so much? All of the options in front of me are awesome options, what's the worst that can happen if I simply choose one?

I'm so afraid to commit sometimes. Perhaps because it feels like a big decision, or perhaps because it feels like I'm closing doors.

It's helpful to remind myself that the universe is infinite.

Anyway, here's the wheel. Feel free to give it a go if you're trying to make a decision of your own.

I'm going to India to complete my yoga teacher training.

There's only one condition of the wheel; you have to accept whatever you get on the first go. Otherwise, you'll get stuck spinning. DO NOT spin more than once if you are really committed to figuring out what you want to do.

Enter Options (up to 6):

Option 1Option 2

Love you, you're the best Jonathan <3

Jonathan realizing what he had done